Martin Jerge

Early Life & Education

Martin Jerge was born and raised in Northwestern Pennsylvania, growing up near Lake Erie. As a child and adolescent, he was academically inclined, which allowed him to acquire various scholarships. He attended college in Indiana to study engineering, on the advice of his parents.

After taking a course in photography, Martin found a new passion. He decided to study professional photography instead and took many freelance contracts as a photographer. His first contract was filling in as a photographer for a friend’s wedding.


Most of Martin’s work consists of photography featuring various landscapes and landmarks across the U.S. He also focuses on hobby photography, which involves pictures of subjects performing every-day and habitual activities, as Martin believes that there is beauty in simplicity.

Martin Jerge currently lives in Los Angeles, California, with his family. He never leaves home without his camera, as he never knows when he might happen to come across a celebrity that he can snap a photo of to sell to tabloids.